M5 LINE For Labels and Flexible Packaging

“Digital” Revolution, For Unlimited Substrates

M5, the "unlimited substrates" press. BOBST Digital Automation™ concept transforms flexo printing and die-cutting into a "digital" process. A "digital work flow" with integrated printing and converting technologies allows for 10 meters of waste and 1 minute for each job change, the highest quality consistency, and the lowest operating costs. A true "digital" revolution for the Labels and Packaging industry.

M3 in-line flexo press

Digital Flexibility for Labels and Packaging

Flexible Packaging, PS Labels, most "special" substrates, most complex coupon labels, multiprocess. Full Servo technology and BOBST Digital Automation make flexibility "easy" and digitally assisted. BOBST quality and reliability at its best, M3 delivers total "digital" flexibility. To be exclusive, profitable and grow in multiple markets, with the next generation of presses for the Labels and Packaging industry.

M6 LINE – Printing Press for Food Packaging

The UV Digital Flexo press for food packaging

M6 line, the press which changes the future of Flexible Packaging. A combination of in-line UV Flexo, REVO Digital Flexo and the new revolutionary V-Flower print unit allow for job change overs literally in 1 minute, "on-the-fly" without stopping the press, with up to 95% press up-time. The most productive press to economically produce ultra-short up to mid runs. A new Flexible Packaging job can literally start production in 1 minute, with the highest print quality ever. And the highest health safety for the final consumer, also for food packaging.

M4 in line flexo press

The perfect press to print with excellent register quality

The most effective printing press line in BOBST portfolio, M4 takes the advantages of Digital Flexo™ and Excellence™ technologies with the simplest and most durable semi-servo electronic drive. M4 line introduces new accuracy standards in servo controls and in manufacturing, to achieve excellent register quality and stability, to eventually print extended 7 colour gamut with perfect registration, at all speeds. M4, M5 and M6 presses share the same technology platform to perform the full BOBST Digital Automation program.

M1 in-line flexo press

The Ultimate Press for Label Converters

The Ultimate Press for Label Converters M1 Line is an "upper-class" model to produce the best printing quality in the label industry. HP Belt drive and short web path allow for very short waste and time during set up and exceptional register stability. A long list of accessories gives M1 high flexibility for multiple press configurations, to obtain the highest added value labels, with an effective investment. Optional AccuDrive™ allows for 360° pre-register, automatic register.

M7 in-line flexo press

Robust Quality, moving Cubes™ to the future

M7 is a revolutionary full modular concept. The heavy-duty M7 Cubes™ (Offset, Flexo etc.) move freely inside the open M7 Universal Platform™, accepting all BOBST Narrow Web Printing and Converting Processes. M7 Cubes™ Process Heads "plug in" and create every day new configurations, for "dream" multi-process Labels. M7: flexible quality today and for the future, with robust Cubes™ without frames.